Collaboration with Ricki Vale Photography & Hair by Jake Holmes Designs

April 16, 2017

What a shoot! 


Today was the makings of another  amazing photo shoot!! 

Getting together was the "A team" (Ricki Vale behind the lense and Jake Holmes behind the hair) along with stunt model, and all round cool chick, Alicia White. 


Champa's and shenanigans, traffic and closed roads, we finally got to our location. With our poor model being attacked by mosquito's (no matter how much spray we used lol) , real beef heart and sticky fake blood, we certainly had an interesting shoot.

Of course it was all worth it as we produced some insanely amazing images!!!!!!

Safe to say our "Karma Queen" turned some heads (especially at the local Dan Murphys bottle shop hahaha)


Cannot wait to share these photos!!!!



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