Publication in Muse Magazine

July 14, 2016



Was so amazing to find out we were getting published in Muse Magazine again. It truely does feel amazing that people find our work worthy to publish and share with the world.

Couldnt be more proud of us!

Below is the article that was featured along side our amazing photos.


"Ricki and Shylie have struck a rich chemistry which has culminated in an unassailable artistic duo. After numerous collaborations they have discovered similar tastes and style. Ricki’s love for capturing unique images, together with Shylie’s flair for creating whimsical characters – provided a mutual eclectic interaction that has proved an inspiring partnership.
"Leave the beaten track occasionally and dive into the woods. You will be certain to find something you have never seen before"- Alexander Graham Bell. Their inspirations for this piece stemmed from this quote. The Currumbin Creek location proved a worthy back drop for this piece. The flowing water provides the illusory passage of time; together with the small amount of morning sky inducing a higher realm of consciousness, and the power of nature – which ascends into the visceral green bush; signifying growth and renewal.
It is a calming and restful back drop as the fire of the blood red sparks cognition; with passion, sexuality, energy, danger and courage on the beautiful canvas that is model/actress Tara Wraith; a morphic resonance shines through from a tale as old as time – the vulnerable girl in the mysterious woods. Shylie’s bold design of the Red Fox Queen character, mixed with nature; (the greatest architect of all) made for a magical shot captured by Ricki Vale who was not afraid to experiment within the ambient depths of field."
- Article by J.R.Hill

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