Featured Artist- Muse Magazine

May 22, 2016

I was so extremely excited to be published in this months Muse Magazine as a featured artist!! What an absolute honor for such an amazing magazine to say they loved my style and wanted to interview me for the magazine.

Below is the Q&A that was featured.


What was your start in the world of makeup?

In 2015 my partner was planning on filming his first feature film. I always wanted to further my knowledge in the makeup industry and this was my push to do so as I wanted to be able to help him whilst filming. So in 2015 I enrolled in the Diploma of cinemagraphic makeup at the AACM- Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup.
This course gave me the knowledge and confidence I then needed to be the HOD for hair, makeup and wardrobe for my partners feature film. During this time my love for costuming also was reignited. I had the responsibility for costuming/styling for my makeup shoots and assessments for college, I found I had a real flair for it, and got feedback from my peers.

What is your most memorable or unique photo session?

My most memorable photo shoot to date would be my corpse bride shoot.
With a makeup call time of 2am, there as a three-hour prosthetic application, then makeup, then hair and costume, all for a sunrise shoot at a local cemetery. With the forecast of rain and a superstitious model (Monica Niven) this made for an interested morning.
This was my first time collaborating with photographer Ricki Vale, we clicked immediately and after an hour of shooting; we produced some incredible shots.

Do you have favored makeup brands?

I definitely favor 2 brands which would take up 80% of my kit.
Kryolan – which is renowned for its vast product range, high quality and depths of pigments.
Ben Nye- this would have to be my favorite brand. Family owned, operated, and specifically designed for film and theatre, these are definitely my go to products.

What is something you would like to say to a potential client or model to prepare for a shoot?

As my designs are character based I tend to favor actors to model for my shoots.
I really want them to research their characters, really become the character and occupy the skin of this character. I really need to feel this character is real when looking back on the image, as the costume, makeup and hair design only works if the character is portrayed correctly.

If you could become any character – real or fictitious, what/who would it be?

The Mad Hatter from Alice in wonderland.
He is obviously known best for his over the top and outrageous character. He is characterized by switching places on the table at his tea party at any given time, making short personal remarks, asking unanswerable riddles and reciting ‘nonsensical’ poetry.
Obviously also being a costume designer I am instantly drawn to the fact he is a hatter/milliner by trade. Just totally bonkers. I believe all Artists need to be a little bit crazy.

Name the top 3 items you cannot work without?

1. TML- The makeup light. Lighting it so important for a makeup artist, especially on a film set. This light is portable, mountable and mimics daylight. Definitely the most essential item in my kit.
2. Good brushes- it’s essential for a good artist to have good brushes. My absolute favorites are Ve Neill and Bdellium Tools. Both brands offering a range of high quality brushes from the essential everyday beauty tools to spfx brushes.
3. My Zuca case- having a strong durable, and easily portable case to carry all my gear is so important. With its double wheels making stairs accessible, it has a built in seat and removable packing pouches that stack like drawers, this is definitely a must have for any makeup artist.

How do you prepare for a full scale photo shoot?

First I will come up with my concept. I will choose my model based on suitability to the character. Every part of the design is crucial to the overall look and feel of the character.
I will design my costume first, usually followed by hair and then makeup.
I will then spend countless hours constructing the costume, headpieces, wigs, accessories, making sure every little detail matches the overall look.
I will scout for the perfect locations to set the scene. The setting is so important to the feel of the shoot and needs to match and make sense to the character.
Then all that is left is application of makeup, the hair styling and costume design on the day. Pose direction for the models so they understand the kind of look I am wanting to achieve. I have been lucky enough to pair up with an amazing photographer who knows exactly how the capture each one of my looks, resulting in some amazing images.

What is your vision for the future of your business?

I would like to keep creating my characters and turn them into a series. Hoping to one day turn them into an amazing photo book alongside photographer Ricki Vale.
To offer these character type shoots as a package so everyone can have the chance to own an amazing portrait of themselves as a piece of art that tells a story in a single snapshot.
I also want to continue to work in the film industry as a makeup artist. I have been lucky enough to gain experience on a major Hollywood film set (It’s amazing how the Universe loves speed) and I would love to continue that type of work in the future also.

If you could work with any famous person, who would it be?

I would love to create a character for actor Johnny Depp. No-one brings a character to life like he does and I would love to be a part of that.
I would also love to work with award winning artists Ve Neill and Colleen Atwood.
Ve is one of the most renowned makeup artists in the movie business. She has created some of my all-time favorite makeups from pirates of the Caribbean, Sweeney Todd, the Grinch, Beetlejuice ect..
Colleen is a costume designer who is known best for her amazing costumes such as Chicago, Edward scissor hands, Sweeney Todd, into the woods, and my personal favorite Alice in Wonderland.
It would be an honor to work with all these amazing creatives and they are all definitely my idols and who I look up to as an artist.

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