Publication in The Muse Magazine

May 2, 2016

We did it again!!! Another one of our themed shoots was chosen to be published in the amazing Muse Magazine. 

What an honor it is to have your work chosen to be published.

Words really cant explain how proud I am of our fab team!!!

Below is the article that was written to partner the shoot. Unfortunately it wasnt chosen for print but I have included it below for everyone to have a read.


'The following article is about a creative pairing between Ricki Vale and Shylie Parsons.
Both are single mothers who have sacrificed a lot over the years, and have recently moved on from previous careers into creative mediums – to follow their artistic passions. Ricki is now the owner/operator of Ricki Vale Photography. Shylie Parsons has recently graduated from the Australian Academy of Cinematographic Makeup in Movie Makeup and Special FX Makeup – and now works for Movie World as a costume assistant. Ricki’s love for capturing unique images and Shylie’s love for creating whimsical characters – provided a mutual eclectic interaction that has proved an inspiring partnership. After assessing each other’s work and developing a mutual respect – they were drawn to work with one another and clicked immediately; brought together by similar tastes and style. Ricki’s and Shylie’s inspirations for this piece stemmed from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise – namely Johnny Depp’s character; Jack Sparrow. The Masculine influence of Jack Sparrow was reversed into its feminine counterpart; portrayed by the beautiful persona/canvas that is Actress/Model: Tara Lee Wraith. A modernistic, sexy character was born with this canvas and the gold textures, colors, with the stylish Jewels and attire to accentuate a middle ages style of approach.
All these factors meant that a Pirate shoot at an aesthetically pleasing Burleigh beach on the Gold Coast/Pacific Ocean as the back drop with the Autumn sun created an atmosphere perfect for public consumption. This was captured by Ricki Vale, who was not afraid to take the necessary photographic risks to capture the image in its glory.'
- Article by J.R. Hill



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